Molecular Biology

One Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
For separating proteins on the basis of charge and size.

DNA and RNA extraction
From unknown bacterial cells.

Cloning and Genetic manipulation
Cloning was carried out using bacteria with plasmids and bacteriophage.

For screening genes of interest and optimising for mixed species samples and multiplexing. I am also confident in designing my own primers.

16S gene sequencing
From extraction and sample preparation to analysis of results.

Site directed mutagenesis
Producing point mutations and introducing DNA adducts into specific sequences to study their effect on DNA replication and repair.

Experimental Microbiology/Evolutionary Ecology

Development isolation and culture techniques
For mixed microbial samples

Design and execution of manual, high throughput bacterial screening protocols
I screened large numbers of bacteria for a multitude of different phenotypes. I had to develop new assays that were quick, easy and cheap to use on such large samples.

Experimental Evolution
During my Ph.D I performed many experiments in experimental evolution.

Home Brew
I have a genuine interest in microbiology which goes beyond the lab. The ability to scale up and make delicious tasting ale and wine, while maintaining a sterile environment and accounting for temperature fluctuations demonstrates my creativity and meticulous attention to detail.

Microfluidics (utilisation and device fabrication)

I can use a variety of techniques to study the motility of many microorganisms in microfluidic networks.

Soft Lithography
I am confident in the use of soft lithography to produce micro- and nano-structures.


Light Microscopy
Proficient using of upright and inverted light microscopes for imaging of “dirty” environmental samples.

Fluorescence Microscopy
I spent a year long Post-Doc predominantly using Florescence (and Confocal) Microscopy to image motile bacteria swimming through microfluidic channels.

Confocal Microscopy
I am confident using a confocal microscope and different variations of Zeiss software.

Atomic Force Microscopy
I am skilled in bacterial sample preparation for AFM. I have a good understanding of the many various uses of AFM in microbiology and a limited experience with the procedure itself.



Experience identifying organisms based on DNA sequences with a high degree of accuracy. I have also done bioinformatics work for others, finding significant transcriptional changes from RNAseq data using Bioconductor.

Advanced statistical analysis
I specialised during my Ph.D. in complex multivariate statistics.

Statistical Computing
I am familiar with R, Minitab, SPSS & Python.

Image Analysis

I can take measurements of movies and still frames using ImageJ.

Image manipulation
I am familiar with the following programs for image manipulation:
Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Ink Scape, The Gimp.


Office Software
I am familiar with Office suites from Microsoft (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.), Apple (Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc.) and Open Office (Writer, Calc, Impress etc.)

Web sites
I can produce and host websites with personalised domain names. I can use HTML and am comfortable using WordPress as a content management system. I am also familiar with Joomla.

I have experience using Skype and GoToMeeting to attend and host online meetings and seminars.


Course Organisation and Leadership
I am the co-organiser of a course at Karolinska Institutet.

Supervision of Students
I have been responsible for the day to day supervision of many students from undergraduate to PhD throughout my academic career.

I was an undergraduate demonstrator every year of my Ph.D.

Undergraduate lectures
I have delivered lectures to undergraduate students both at the University of Liverpool and the Karolinska Institute. The subject matter varied from sterilisation techniques to staphylococcal and streptococcal disease.

Small Workshops
I have designed and delivered a half-day workshop on Communication in Academia.


Public Information Officer at SMNC
I have a strong interest in science communication and translating research. I think it is not only important that our research can be understood by a large number of people, but that it also inspires them. My work as Public Information Officer involves translating research into popular science and pitching this to large news sites such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times and TED.

Lab meetings
Lab meetings and regular reporting of progress has been a feature of my academic life from the very beginning. I am a confident presenter and I enjoy providing feedback to others.

Oral Presentations
I have given many oral presentations of my work to international audiences. Recently I was invited to talk at a World Conference in San Francisco.

I am confident producing posters to summarise my work. Recently, my video poster won the poster prize at the Biosensors World Congress (2012).

Foreign Language

Spanish – Fluent
Swedish – Professional┬ácompetence
Greek – Upper Intermediate/Conversational
French – GCSE A*
German – Basic

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