New Review Article Published in Journal of Materials Chemistry B

organic bioelectronics My colleagues and I at The Karolinska Institute have just published a review article in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B entitled “Organic Bioelectronics in Infection”.

This is a really good overview of the field of Organic Bioelectronics from the infection perspective. We aim to explain how Organic Bioelectronics can be used to both study and treat infection.

The field of Organic Bioelectronics grew up around neuroscience, despite the wide reaching applications in other fields. This is great for us as infection biologists because we can build directly on the work that has already been done in the field of neuroscience. We can take discoveries and devices and use them directly in our infection models.

If you don’t know what organic bioelectronics is or you are frustrated with current methods and models for studying infections you should take a look at this review. Hopefully it will inspire you to look for answers in the rapidly growing field of Organic Bioelectronics.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me and check out the article here.